Adjectives that start with X are somewhat rare.

As you can see in the list below, these descriptive words that start with X are so uncommon that you can actually count them with your fingers and toes.

17 X adjectives to be exact!

You may have only heard of a few of these before, and if so you are not alone. These adjectives beginning with X that are not commonly used in daily life.

Below you will find three sections:

Adjectives Starting With X

adjectives that start with x

  • xanthoriatic
  • xany
  • xaroncharoo
  • xboba
  • xenacious
  • xenial
  • xenodochial
  • xenophobic
  • xeric
  • xerophilous
  • xerothermic
  • xilinous
  • xonked
  • xrayic
  • xyloid
  • xylotomous
  • adjectives that start with Q

adjectives that begin with x

Adjectives That Start With X To Describe A Person

Positive Adjectives That Start With X

We hope that you found the perfect rare adjectives starting with X that will help with your writing, report or just to show off your knowledge to your friends.

They’re gonna think you’re a vocabulary pro. Try using adjectives that start with X to describe a person for example.

Tell your friend “You are one xanthoriatic person!” And they’re gonna say “Xantho what?”.

You’ll have some explaining to do 🙂 Have fun!